This Day in History- August 31

This Day in History- August 31, 1939- Nazi soldiers stage an attack on a radio station at Gleiwitz, Germany and blame the incident on Poland. You know, so they wouldn’t look like jerks when they invaded the next day.

This Day in History- August 30

[caption id=”attachment_540” align=”aligncenter” width=”225” caption=”President Jimmy Carter used this phone in 1979 to ask Brezhnev if he had Prince Albert in a can.”][/caption]

This Day in History- August 30, 1963- The famous red-telephone hotline between the Oval Office and the Kremlin goes into operation. Though intended to avert nuclear war, it is mostly used to make late-night crank calls.

Interesting Historical Tidbit of the Day- August 29
This Day in History- August 28

This Day in History- August 28, 1898- Caleb Bradham invents the soft drink that would become Pepsi. Asked Coca-Cola “So how much cocaine does your drink have?”

This Day in History- August 27

This Day in History- August 27, 1896- Today is the date of the Anglo-Zanzibar War, the whole thing. The war between the United Kingdom and the Zanzibar Sultanate lasted from 9 am until 9:45 am and ended in a British victory and the end of the sultanate as a sovereign nation.

This Day in History- August 26

This Day in History- August 26, 1920- The 19th Amendment of the US Constitution takes effect, giving women the right to vote for the men who will make all the decisions about women’s issues.

This Day in History- August 25

This Day in History- August 25, 1835- The New York Sun newspaper begins to publish six articles that claimed the Sir John Herschel, the most famous astronomer of his day, had discovered life and even a civilization on the Moon. “The Great Moon Hoax,” as the articles were later called, claimed that Herschel had observed bison, goats, bipedal tailless beavers, and even temple-building bat-winged humanoids on the lunar surface. The articles are believed to have been written, most likely by Cambridge educated Richard Locke, in order to not only increase the Sun’s circulation but also to ridicule some of the wilder astronomical theories of the day, such as the Rev. Thomas Dick’s claim that there were over 21 trillion people in the Solar System and that the Moon had over 4 million people living on it.

This Day in History- August 24

This Day in History- August 24, 1875- Captain Mathew Webb sets of from Britain to become the first person to swim the English Channel. After smearing himself with porpoise oil, he left Dover, England and reached Calais, France 21 hours and 45 minutes later.

This Day in History- August 23

This Day in History- August 23, 1784- Four counties of western North Carolina, worried that they might be sold to Spain or France to pay of Revolutionary War debts, declare their independence as the state of Franklin. Franklin would be its own independent country for the next four years, negotiating treaties with Native American tribes and creating a barter economy in lieu of currency. They would later be forced to rejoin the state of North Carolina after trying to forge an alliance with Spain.

This Day in History- August 21

[caption id=”attachment_481” align=”aligncenter” width=”300” caption=”Not Pictured: The Mona Lisa”][/caption]

This Day in History- August 21, 1911 Louvre employee Vincenzo Perruggia steals Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” Peruggia smuggled the painting out under his coat and would keep it in his apartment until 1913. (Not pictured: The “Mona Lisa.”)